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Periodontics relates to the structures that support and surround your teeth, though most people link the treatment to gum problems (e.g. periodontitis). Looking after the whole of your mouth is just as important as looking after your teeth, which is where we can come in.

Treatments commonly involve gum disease, bone tissue and root planing (deeper removal of plaque from the gum level). While most Dentists require you to be referred for some of these specialist treatments, we proudly have the tools, technology and team to deliver them right here in our Clerkenwell dental practice.

We are currently offering free new patient consultations* for a limited time only. Get in touch with our friendly dentist in Clerkenwell, Farringdon to book, available online or in practice. *Consultation does not include X-rays or any clinical work.



Whatever the treatment you need, we can help. Get in touch and our expert dentists in Farringdon will carry out your procedure in clean, comfortable surroundings and at a time to suit you – all while ensuring you feel fully informed about your treatment and any risks and benefits involved.


The procedures involved depend on the problem you’re treating:

* Scaling & root planing – your Dentist can help remove plaque from ‘pockets’ between the teeth and gums, helping prevent future problems such as tooth, tissue and bone loss.
* Root surface debridement – this treatment is similar to scaling & root planing, but goes much deeper.
* Bone loss – if caused by gum disease, some of the effects may be reversed through bone grafting.
* Gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis) – your Dentist can help reverse the effects of gingivitis and slow the progression of periodontitis.


With some of these treatments, we recognise that a follow-up appointment may be needed to check that things are healing correctly and any signs of gum disease or bone loss haven’t worsened. Your Dentist will discuss this with you during your appointment.   

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Zero Seven Dental Practice London
Zero Seven Dental Practice London


Gingivitis typically occurs before periodontitis and is hallmarked by inflammation and redness of the gums. Periodontitis is a disease caused by untreated or worsened gingivitis, where the gum and bone pull away from the teeth and create pockets, which fill with plaque and bacteria and cause infection and destruction of the tissue.

We want our patients to feel comfortable with us, so offer anaesthetic where needed.

Yes. If certain periodontic conditions are left untreated, the result can be loss of teeth and bone (in the jaw). In this case you may need to consider treatments such as dental implants to replace missing teeth.

There’s lots you can do, starting with regular dental check-ups, hygienist appointments and twice-daily flossing and brushing of the teeth and gums.

You may spot signs such as redness and inflammation, pain, or bleeding during your dental routine. It’s also possible you’ll have more serious signs, such as loose teeth or receding gums. To ensure the best treatment outcome, book in with us as soon as you notice any of these signs and symptoms.

No, because at this stage the disease has progressed too far. However, it can be slowed and prevented from worsening in the future.

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From root canals to root end surgery, our specialist team can help save damaged teeth.


Tackle gaps, crowding and bite problems with our Invisalign invisible braces.

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