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What Should I Do When My Dental Implants Are Healing?

If you’ve recently had tooth implants placed and want to know how to aid your body’s healing process, then read on. Our expert dentists here in Farringdon share top tips and dos and don’ts to help create results you’ll love, while keeping your mouth, teeth and gums comfortable during healing. Of course, if you need […]

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Why You Should Visit The Hygienist

We get it – not everyone likes going to the dentist. But unfortunately, it’s so important to the health and appearance of your smile to attend regular dental check-ups. Here’s why your dental hygienist is a key part of your oral care. 1. They give you a professional clean Even the most well-intentioned brush doesn’t […]

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The Types Of Dental Implant We Offer

Thinking of dental implants? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here in Farringdon, we provide exceptional dental treatments that help improve the health, appearance and function of your smile. Today, we’re looking at how our dental implants work, what types are on offer, and other things you need to know about these clever replacement […]

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