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Tips To Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Looking after your mouth, teeth and gums doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to be a priority. Why? Because with poor oral care comes a whole host of problems. Whether it’s infection, decay, inflamed gums, missing teeth or bone loss, the consequences can be very serious and, in the long-run, more expensive to put right. That’s why our dentists here in Farringdon stress the importance of a dental routine.

In this post, our dentists talk through some ways to improve your oral hygiene, so you can feel confident you’re giving your mouth, teeth and gums the very best in care and ensuring they help last a lifetime.

  • Brushing and flossing

You’ve probably heard your dentist tell you the importance of brushing, but did you know that flossing is equally as important? Whether you choose tape, floss or interdental brushes, ensuring you get in the very nooks and crannies of teeth can help ensure that any food and bacteria is cleaned away. Not only does this improve your overall oral hygiene, but it’ll help your breath smell fresh, too.

  • Soft brushing

Using a toothbrush that’s too hard? You might be wearing away your precious tooth enamel, or causing your gums to be red and sore. Our Farringdon dentists recommend a soft-bristled toothbrush, which is just as effective at cleaning your teeth, while being kind to your smile.

  • Braces

It might seem strange to suggest braces, such as Invisalign, can improve your oral hygiene, but in many cases, it’s true. Patients with crowded teeth can have trouble cleaning between them, whereas a gappy smile can cause food to get stuck. Correctly aligning the smile with Invisalign can help minimise both of these problems.

  • Cleaning apparatus

If you have a removable brace, like Invisalign, dentures, a retainer or anything else you regularly put in your mouth, it’s important to clean this correctly, too. For tips and info, talk to our Farringdon dentists – but as a rule of thumb, denture cleaner can be a great start. Ensure you never use harsh chemicals on your dental apparatus, as this could cause untold damage.

  • Dental check-ups

Only a dental expert, like our top dentists, can truly give your mouth a deep clean – and has the knowledge and skill to identify potential problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Book in regularly with your dentist, who’ll advise you when you’re due for your next visit, and enjoy the star treatment for your smile.

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